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That Make Life Better

How we do it

Develop Ideas and Launch Businesses

Projects we are interested in

Our investments are far more valuable than just money. They include knowledge, experience, ideas, international connections, infrastructure and approach to business development with the help of frameworks — JTBD, Design Sprint and Growth-hacking.

It helps entrepreneurs to focus on a product and the development of a startup, without being distracted from legal issues, searching for employees or paper work.

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If you have in-depth knowledge in a certain area or extensive experience in any area of business. Let’s have a meeting, discuss the problem and its solutions. Our team knows how to turn an idea into a business prospect.


If you are obsessed with an idea that can really be turned into an app, platform or something else, tell us about it. We will help validate it, and then create a working and scalable business model.


If you have been working in a large company for a long time and now you’re feeling stuck and don’t develop. Moreover, you might have been trying to start up your own business, but it wasn’t successful. We have something to offer to people who want to earn more and fulfil their potential.

If you want to become a partner of the ELTEAM Group, fill in the form.

Test the Hypotheses,
Invest, Create Business

Assistance of the Expert Group

We form a team of experts in business development, marketing, IT, UI / UX-design, which is deeply immersed in a project and helps to make it successful.

Accelerating Startup Growth

We conduct research, develop the idea with the help of frameworks JTBD, Design Sprint, Growth-hacking and manage the startup in the right direction.

Early investment

We provide investments at the very beginning in order to move the project to the next stage and access the international market. In the future, we continue to invest independently or help to find investments for the next round.

Focus on business development

Our experts in the field of finance, HR and legal practice are engaged in administrative work so that an entrepreneur can fully concentrate on a business.

We hope for mutual cooperation and in exchange for our support and resources, we expect to receive a controlling stake in the company. In this way, we remain motivated and involved in the process and create products that make people’s lives better.

Let’s Discuss the Idea and Cooperation