About Us

About Us

ELTEAM Group is a group of companies that launch IT-projects and transform them into an independent business. We’ve created an approach and a platform that reduce the risk of failure, help test ideas at low cost and develop ideas with great potential.
Projects we are interested in


Company’s mission. We strive to develop an entrepreneurial culture, have influence and improve the well-being and happiness of people.


Interacting with each other and with customers, we always understand what values we keep on protecting, and we are highly aware that all of our actions are effective and beneficial.


Business is a team sport. We create an elite team and believe that true success can only be achieved by working together. We develop a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of all the team members, help and support colleagues, each idea is openly exchanged. We seek the settlement of problems through constructive dialogue and collaborative work for the common good!


We create and maintain open, honest and friendly relations in a team and are not afraid to express our thoughts.


We believe that a solution can be found for any task, identifying new opportunities, initiating changes and by opening new horizons.


We make only well-informed decisions and think about the long-term stability of our common Cause.


That’s the way we elite team think when we start. We understand that if we have money, it’s a win-win proposition for everybody: our employees, customers, shareholders and society.


We are honest, responsible, keep promises and expect the same in return.

The name of the company includes my initials E and L. It reflects my own commitment and responsibilities. Nevertheless, the Elite Team is a team that is not easy to get into. And both words are important. «team» describes our values and corporate culture. «Elite» says that our way to choose employees is rather responsible and based on values and professional skills.

Eugene Lakhmanov

CEO & Co-Founder


The team employs entrepreneurs, financiers, engineers, marketers, designers and analysts. Together we create new projects, believe in ideas and are not afraid to take risks.

Eugene Lakhmanov

Partner, CEO

Artem Petrovich

Partner, COO

Pavel Babarykin

Partner, CMO

Dmitry Kudin

Finance manager

Aleksei Filonov

Legal manager

Lisa Glazina


Gleb Piankov


Pavel Maksimov

Lead developer