How We Do It

Create a Business
With a New Model

Building a business is not that easy even for an experienced entrepreneur. During the work you need to focus on 3 things at least: product creation, investment search and supporting process. We help entrepreneurs to focus only on the development of the project — we undertake administrative and organizational work. If something goes wrong, we together will look for a new direction of the idea and check it out. This reduces the risk when creating a business.

Who We Are Interested in

The companies we create are focused on the IT sector. But we like the innovative and interesting. Regardless of whether you have a team or not, or whether you think that you are not suitable — tell us about your project. We will try to find an approach to collaborate. In our startup studio people do the business which they really enjoy.


If you have been working in a large company for a long time and now you’re feeling stuck and don’t develop. Moreover, you might have been trying to start up your own business, but it wasn’t successful. We have something to offer to people who want to earn more and fulfil their potencial.

People With Ideas

If you are obsessed with an idea that can really be turned into an app, platform or something else, tell us about it. We will help validate it, and then create a working and scalable business model.


If you have in-depth knowledge in a certain area or extensive experience in any area of business. Or, for example, you know how to make erroneous and inefficient process effective. Let’s have a meeting, discuss the problem and its solutions. Our team knows how to turn an idea into a business prospect.

What We Are Able to Offer

Our approach to business is different from the classical model of venture investment. We do not distribute capital to dozens of projects, hoping that one of them will be successful. We work together with business partners to create a business with bright prospects. With the help of our model, the way from a startup to a successful company is faster and cheaper.

We Immerse in Entrepreneurial Experience

Our founders are, first and foremost, entrepreneurs. They do not sit behind closed doors, but participate in each stage of product development, work together with the team and share their experience.

We Use a Technological Approach in Business

Speed is very important when competing in the global market. We accelerate the growth of a startup by helping to conduct research, validate and develop the idea with the help.

We Take Care of the Supporting Processes

We are always in touch and help every project in different areas: jurisprudence, financial management, accounting, hiring employees and internet-marketing.

We Create the Right Growth Environment

In the early stages, entrepreneurs work in an office together with our team and other entrepreneurs. It helps to get to know each other much better, share knowledge, connections and experience with experts from different areas and the founders of the company.

We Finance in the Early Stages

We start investing to the project from the very beginning. As the product is developing, we continue to invest or look for additional investments to develop and create an independent company.

We hope for mutual cooperation and in exchange for our support and resources, we expect to receive a controlling stake in the company. In this way, we remain motivated and involved in the process and create products that make people’s lives better.

Let’s Discuss the Idea and Cooperation